At CPG, we want you to get the most from your membership

Our goal is to save your organization time and money. CPG’s exclusive vendor contracts ensure the lowest prices around—so you’re free to focus on what matters most.

Connecting with a Vendor

CPG facilitates seamless relationships between your organization and our affiliated vendors, from introduction to final sale. Whether you choose to contact a CPG staff member, or reach out to a primary vendor contact directly, we’re committed to coordinating a beneficial, respectful interaction—start to finish.


Put us to work, and we’ll help you to reach the right sales division efficiently. Want to enroll with Staples? We’ll locate your neighborhood representative, so you can focus on what really matters at your workplace.

Our team integrates different specialists from a broad range of vendors, so you’re never without a skilled professional at the ready. We recognize that quality is integral to any job – large or small. That’s why we only work with the best.


At CPG, we make it easy for our members to contact their vendors directly. Harness our comprehensive vendor directory, or take advantage of our online vendor splash page and printed catalog. That way, you can work with vendors on your schedule, plus enjoy instant access to account managers—anytime, from anywhere.

At CPG, our team and affiliated vendors share a passion for quality healthcare alongside an enduring commitment to efficiency and cost-savings. Our group purchasing organization makes it easy to roll your organization over to a new contract, and we’re always happy to help with ordering, scheduling, and more. Reach out today!

Explore Our Vendors

We’re always acquiring innovative new vendors. Click here to browse our complete vendor list!


At CPG, we’re dedicated to keeping our members and stakeholders informed. Join us for monthly webinars, which explore today’s most relevant health issues.

Arcari Dental 01-29-2020
First Nonprofit Webinar 01-15-2020

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