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MT | Credentialing
Gerald “Buck” Buckland
Website: https://landing.medtrainer.com/mt-cpg/

MedTrainer is the best route to healthcare credentialing. Keep your credentialing records current, verified, and accessible all within a single platform. From primary source verification to payer enrollments, MT Credentialing closes the gaps and provides the tools to make your administrator’s work easy.

Credentialing for healthcare professionals is quick and painless with MedTrainer. Simplify primary source verifications and improve your auditing processes. Whether you are a single provider practice or a hospital system, MedTrainer will adapt to you.

Streamline background checks including OIG/SAM or DEA. Never miss a step, you will always be notified and reminded to assist you each step of the way. Get tasks done in a quick amount of time. It’s so simple. Schedule a demo to see exactly how it works.

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