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Commonwealth Purchasing Group is a group purchasing organization providing products and services at lower costs to improve efficiency. We work with community health centers and nonprofit human services organizations providing them savings to further their respective missions.

Why Start Saving with a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

We can think of a few great reasons to start saving with our group purchasing organization (GPO). With the power of our members, we negotiate deep discounts with a broad array of vendors. In addititon, we guarantee that our vendors will analyze your purchasing, recommending lower-cost alternatives wherever possible. This is where you start saving. Finally, we certify that all affiliate vendors will work closely with your organization to ensure appropriate inventory management. Therefore, you’ve always got what you need, but you’re never overstocked.

Deep Discounts

Complimentary Cost Analysis

Inventory Management

Why Choose CommonWealth Purchasing Group?

From medical, dental, and office supply costs to recruiting services, our diverse vendors deliver unbeatable savings alongside exceptional customer service.

CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG) was founded in 1998 by the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers. CPG is a group purchasing organization (GPO) established to address economic issues facing health centers and nonprofit community service organizations. Today, with more than 650 member organizations across 47 states, CPG negotiates deep discounts and significant savings opportunities. With over 65 nationally recognized vendors, CPG promises exceptional customer support and incomparable savings.


CPG is an independent group purchasing organization (GPO). Furthermore, we don’t endorse a remote “parent” GPO. Instead, we contract directly with each of our vendors. So what does this mean for our members? We establish, manage and maintain every aspect of our program. From choosing an initial vendor to assessing our program performance and impact over time. We are always making sure we are saving our members the most.


CPG is dedicated to serving community health centers and similar nonprofit human service organizations. We’ve carefully designed every policy and procedure for maximum effectiveness within your fields. Our organization was founded with a mission to free up time for our members and improve services along the way. Above all, this allows you to focus on your organization’s mission.


There’s no cost to join CPG and our members never write us a check. All of our funding comes from the administrative fees our vendors pay. Those fees are based on member purchases and are explained more in-depth in our Participation Agreement.


We work with a range of leading national vendors across the product areas that matter to our members most. CPG also offers a number of regional contracts, designed to meet our members’ specific needs. Our skilled team regularly reviews vendor contracts to assure competitive pricing and high-quality services.

Member Service

CPG provides a wealth of benefits and services, tailored to address member needs, related products, purchasing practices, systems, and education. We arrange direct contractual relationships with every vendor. Therefore, we can reach senior managers right away, meeting member needs efficiently and effectively.

Advisory Board

CPG has a national Advisory Board tasked with guiding the program. The Board is comprised of senior staff from within our membership. Board members include CEOs, CFOs, and COOs from a diverse assortment of health center and nonprofit backgrounds. We host quarterly meetings at our headquarters to allow opportunities to provide and discuss strategic advice. We also welcome opportunities for feedback on program performance, impact and share ideas about product sectors and potential new vendors. Above all, the Board also ensures that CPG is fulfilling its mission. To empower community health centers and similar nonprofits with efficiency, cost-savings and peace of mind.

Our Membership is Free. Start Saving Today!

Average Savings

Members join CommonWealth Purchasing Group to save their organizations money. While cost savings vary, we offer lower-cost alternatives to a wide range of healthcare-related products, office supplies, services, and technologies. In addition, our team is trained to help to increase the efficiency of your organization’s inventory and ordering processes.

There are three ways CPG can help you save money:

  1. First: We can offer lower prices for the goods and services you buy, saving your organization money.
  2. Second: We will analyze what you buy and offer lower-cost alternative products wherever it is possible.
  3. Third: In partnering with our vendors, we will make your inventory and ordering systems more efficient so you always know what you have in stock and what you are running low on.

Free Apple-To-Apples Cost Comparison

Before joining CPG, we’ll deliver a no-cost, no-obligation, “Apples to Apples” comparison of products you purchase and potential savings. Every health center and nonprofit is different, so your report will be tailored to your organization’s experience and current costs. Subsequently, you can decide if you’re ready to commit to a GPO focused on saving in every possible way.

First, we take a representative sample of your organization’s most recent invoices. Then, in consultation with our vendors, we conduct a two-part analysis and determine where cost savings are attainable. Gathering invoices can be a hassle, but we’ve found that they’re integral to providing an accurate cost-comparison and savings report. As a result, you will have a custom detailed report showing where you can save money the most.

We welcome and are always happy to accept invoices for analysis!

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