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For affordable rates on the services and supplies your organization relies on most, consider CommonWealth Purchasing Group.

Joining CPG

CommonWealth Purchasing Group, a membership-based organization, helps to facilitate cost-efficiency for community health centers, free clinics, nonprofit state and national organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations. At CommonWealth Purchasing Group, our team carefully reviews all incoming, signed participation agreements in order to ensure the eligibility of prospective members.

Our Benefits

Kiss price shopping goodbye

at CPG, we guarantee incomparable cost savings

Save your organization money

up to 35 percent on supplies, equipment, and general services

Receive cohesive data reporting

will keep you apprised of your spending and saving patterns

Superior Customer Support

CPG’s team ensures total satisfaction

As our membership grows

so do your savings

How to Get Started

Call 617.988.2205 today to arrange an on-site meeting with a CommonWealth Purchasing Group consultant.

There’s no upfront cost to join CPG. Membership is open to all community health centers as well as other community-based, nonprofit health and human services organizations. Supported entirely by vendor-paid administrative fees, CPG relies on a percentage of our members’ purchases, as clearly displayed in the Participation Agreement. As a result, our members need never write us a check. You’ll also never be required to participate. We don’t uphold minimum purchasing agreements, and members are encouraged to utilize only the vendors who meet their specific needs. Naturally, all members are free to purchase materials outside any contract.