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Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday | May 24, 2023

11:00AM - 12:00PM (EDT)

Session Title: Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring in Community Health Initiatives

Social determinants of health (SDoH) such as economic stability, education, and neighborhood are playing an increasing role—alongside costs, clinical complexity, and utilization—in determining the quality of healthcare services. In recent years, digital health platforms have demonstrated their potential to incorporate SDoH screenings and initiatives into standard care practices.


Join Florence Kariuki, Chief Clinical Officer at Health Recovery Solutions, and Sophie Clemmons, Program Manager at Sea Mar Community Health Centers for an informative webinar that will share strategies for deploying digital health solutions to expand care and engage patients in their long-term care.


What Participants Can Expect to Learn:

-Remote patient monitoring landscape and growth of digital health in patient care

-Benefits of RPM for clinicians, patients, and family caregivers

-Operational models and RPM use cases

-Opportunities for data collection and ROI development

Wednesday | June 28, 2023

11:00AM - 12:00PM (EDT)

Did you know that as a CPG member, you’re automatically a member of Afaxys GPO? Afaxys Inc. is a socially conscious healthcare company that ensures health centers have stable pricing and dependable access to the products and services they need to care for their patients seeking reproductive and sexual healthcare.

Just like CPG, Afaxys GPO works to ensure reliable access to affordable, quality, FDA-approved products and services needed for patient care. We are driven by our promise to put our members and their patients first, giving the underserved in our society an equal chance for better healthcare.

Join Cassidy Roth, the designated CPG Customer Engagement Representative for an engaging webinar where she will identify some of Afaxy’s most popular contracts that will save your health center money.

What participants can expect to learn:

-Afaxys is available to all CPG members – Learn how to ensure that your membership is set up at Afaxys GPO
-Our most popular contracts – highlight savings.
-How we navigate the ever-changing world of women’s health
-Example of savings
-Purchasing procurement solutions


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